What Did You Get?

As much as I like to downplay the more commercial aspects of the holiday season, the fact remains that kids love to talk about the things they got for Christmas. Here is a worksheet for having that discussion in English.

I teach the question, and give several example answers, and ask for a few volunteers to practice in front of the class. Then I hand out the worksheets and have the kids write their names in English and draw a picture of a holiday gift they received in the provided space. Then we write the English name of the gift, and they proceed to interview each other about the gifts they got. Its a fun and effective way to get students back into English mode after the long winter vacation.

Its especially useful for those of us teaching in Japanese elementary schools using the Eigo Note 1 (5th grade) textbook. The last third of the book is kind of thin, content wise, and this worksheet provides an opportunity to step away from the text and still have a good lesson. Enjoy!What did you get eigo note esl worksheet

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