New English Textbooks for Japanese Elementary Schools

If you are teaching English in a Japanese elementary school, you are no doubt familiar with the now venerable Eigo Noto.  You may also be aware of the fact that Eigo Noto is being replaced by a new textbook called “Hi Friends”.  Curious as to what has changed?  Good news!  Not much has changed at all.  The Ministry of Education has posted PDFs of the “Hi Friends” syllabus on their website.  Not on the front page or anything though.

Here’s a link to the page.

Most of the teaching materials used with the Eigo Noto will be usable with the new text, as will all our fine Hiconic Images.  Relieved?  I know I am!

One thought on “New English Textbooks for Japanese Elementary Schools

  1. Hi Friends is as bad or worse than Eigo Note. I hate the CD-ROM that comes with it, too. All that they did was take out some pages from the old book, change the art and give it a new title.
    But this for all you out there with your own contracts, keep your mouths shut or you might get Hi Friended out the door.

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