Hi Friends 1 and 2 Classroom CD

For those of us teaching in Japanese elementary schools, the new school year brings new textbooks.  Unfortunately, those textbooks do not come with an audio CD to use in the classroom. The new books come instead with a DVD and software for use with a PC and TV.

Unfortunately, many schools have yet to set up a simple system for getting computers into the classroom, which makes the DVD and software less than optimal.

I personally prefer to work with a CD, and as such, have used the audio from the Hi Friends DVDs to make audio CDs to use in class.  If you’d like a copy, feel free to download the .zip files and burn your own copies.  There’s a tracklist PDF which should print to just the right size for a jewel case cover.


Hi Friends 1

Hi Friends 2

7 thoughts on “Hi Friends 1 and 2 Classroom CD

  1. Thank you for posting these! The interactive CD doesn’t have what I need for classrooms lacking in the technology. Domo arigatou gozaimasu!!!

  2. Dude, you rock.

    I honestly can’t believe that the course now relies so heavily on the DVD. That’s fine if the instructor has time to set it up and ensure it runs correctly in all of the classrooms he or she is instructing in. But otherwise, you’re dead in the water. At least now having these recordings, there’s a little more to supplement the textbook. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Agreed, thank you for posting these. It will make the textbook a little more efficient. My personal reaction to Hi friends is that it`s worse than Eigo Note.

  4. Thank you for posting these. My apologies, but is anyone else having trouble writing the files to CD?

  5. Thank you so much for these! My school had neither cds (now I know why) OR the DVDs! I asked the board of education about it and they told me that since I speak english I shouldn’t need to use a cd! Wow. Just goes to show how usually nobody but the ALT actually knows whats in the textbooks and what is necessarily to make the lessons work well.

  6. I find the organization and content of Hi, Friends! vastly superior to Eigo Note. Eigo Note was a nightmare to work through. One either had to just do it all at once, and then teach entirely different material the rest of the year, or heavily supliment every single lesson with original material by expandnign the content of Eigo Note. This would be the ideal way, except the JTEs using Eigo Note often would take up the entire class on the basic outline… and leave me no time to do a real lesson.

    With Hi, Friends! there is enough content, games, listening, and activities to fill up a full class. I interlace phonics lessons into each lesson, to build the students phonics, and this works far better with Hi, Friends! due to the superior organization and content.

    Also, there’s no stupid radish story and no chapter which wants the children to write for a full two weeks like in the ridiculous Eigo Note.

    Anyway, the downside to Hi, Friends! was that it didn’t have the supplemental audio CD, but you have provided these files, a very valuable asset. So, thank you for that!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m doing Lesson 7 tomorrow and I wanted to use my own pictures and put on a sort of play on the chalkboard for the students (cuz it’s probably more interesting than the lame animation). But I can’t act! I’m so glad that you’ve put this up so I can use the audio for the story and simply move my pictures around. So helpful! Thank you!

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