Hi Friends 1 Counting Puzzle Worksheet

Lesson 3 in the Hi Friends 1 textbook is titled “How Many?” and focuses, as one might suspect, on counting. The first page of the unit deals with janken from around the world and how to count to ten in various languages. Eigo Note had a similar unit which was fun to teach. I especially enjoyed going over the similarities in the Asian numbers and in the European numbers and discussing their roots (Chinese and Latin, respectively).

From there the text moves to counting puzzles similar to the animal counting “game” from Hi Friends 2 Lesson 1. Using a worksheet gives the counting exercise a bit more focus, as well as adding a little reading practice. I like to have the students do these exercises in groups, and then check our answers as a class. The Hi Friends Digital textbook works well for checking also.

The real weak link in this unit is the apple basket activity on page 13. Watch the example video in the Digital textbook and you’ll see what I mean. I plan to use the illustration as the basis for playing the Pyramid janken game from Eigo Note 1. I don’t understand why that didn’t get included in Hi Friends.

Here is the worksheet.How Many Hi Friends English worksheet

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