How are you? Feelings Flashcards

An excellent way to start your English lesson is with the simple task of asking “How are you?”. Not only is it an easy icebreaker, it helps to emphasize that “English Time Starts Now”.

I like to run through these flashcards once or twice, and then have the students ask each other “How are you?”. It can be done as a janken (rock paper scissors) game or as a “Chain Reaction” where one student is asked “How are you?” and must then reply and ask the student immediately behind or in front of them. This continues in order until everyone has asked and responded. Be sure to include the teacher as well!

“How are you?” is also one of the first things I teach the new first grade students. It is a good way to introduce your method of using flashcards and offers many possibilities for simple, interactive and fun classroom activities.

Needless to say, by the time “How are you?” shows up in the Hi Friends 1 textbook, students are generally very good at asking and responding. To add an element of interest and challenge, I use this worksheet in conjunction with these flashcards for a fun writing activity.

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