Hi Friends 1 Fall Plan

Summer vacation is officially over, and classes are starting soon! Are you ready?

Here’s my autumn plan for Hi Friends 1.

Lesson 4 – I like apples.
This unit is all about expressing preferences.

I usually start by reviewing the vocabulary presented on pages 14 and 15, and having students write the vocabulary words in English in their textbooks.  I like to make a game out of it, splitting the class into teams and challenging them to read the words as I write them on the blackboard.

From there I present the “I like …” and “I don’t like …” structures and have students prepare a little speech about things they like and don’t like.

Then we proceed to “Do you like … ?” and students prepare questionnaires using the vocabulary from pages 14 and 15 (blanks posted below) to complete in pairs.

This all takes 4 to 5 class periods to complete, depending on class size.

likes interview game esl worksheet

Lesson 5 – What do you like ?

This unit has a good deal of overlap with the previous unit, and an odd T-shirt theme.  I take this opportunity to review shapes and colors before proceeding with the unit.

I begin with shapes, starting with simple shapes and introducing some more unusual shapes.  I try to do several games using the shapes flash cards.

Next I do the colors.  Students know most of the colors already, so I use the color wheel worksheet to add an element of interest.  This is the point where I introduce the “What ~ do you like?” structure, and ask students what color they like.

To wrap up the colors and shapes theme, I do a writing and drawing exercise using the worksheet blank below.  As a class, we select 6 shapes and 6 colors to start with.  After assigning a number to each color and shape, I use a six sided die, rolling once for the amount once for the shape and once for the color. We write the result out in English like so.

“Three red circles” or “5 green stars”

I use each shape only once, replacing them with new shapes as their numbers come up.  After generating 6 combinations of colors and shapes, students use the generated elements to make a design or picture.  It takes a bit of explaining at first, but once the students catch on they really enjoy it.

From there, we move to the textbook.  After practicing the “What ~ do you like?” structure, we do the listening on page 18 and 19, then complete the activity on page 21.

This should also take 4 or 5 class periods to work through.

writing drawing esl worksheet

I also like to do holiday themed lessons for Halloween and Christmas, so this is generally enough to fill up the fall term.  If there is still time at the end of the term, I do the puzzles in Lesson 6 and do some games using the ABC cards in the back of the book.  There’s not a lot to work with in lessons 6 and 7, so if you don’t get to them, don’t worry.