Materials for Teaching Prepositions

Preposition flashcards and a preposition practice worksheet are now available from the Vocabulary Flashcards and Worksheets pages, respectively.

A good way to introduce prepositions is to use a ball and a basket, and let students get comfortable with spatial relationships.  A quick game using the ball and basket in concert with the flashcards involves one student choosing a flashcard and shouting out the preposition, while another student places the ball in the described position in relation to the basket.

Another fun way to review prepositions is to ask students “Where are you?” and have them use the target vocab to explain where they are sitting in relation to other students or things in the classroom.  For example, “I am in front of Jenny”  or  “I am next to the window”.

The preposition worksheet is pretty straightforward.  Students make several sentences describing the location of some objects in the illustration, then make three questions using “Where is the … ” to ask other students as a communication activity.