Three Truths and One Lie Worksheet

A new worksheet is available now on the Worksheets page.  The Three Truths and One Lie worksheet is a good communicative exercise for practicing some basic grammatical structures in a fun and responsive way.

Students prepare their answers to the questions on the worksheet and write them down.  There should be one untrue statement and three true ones.

Students then work with a partner, asking the questions on the sheet and listening to their partner’s answers.  They then guess which statement is untrue using the structure at the bottom of the worksheet.

The student writes the partner’s name in the long box, then record the number of guesses their partner needs to find the lie.  Then they switch roles and repeat, then find a new partner and do it again.

Encourage students to have fun with their initial statements, and higher level students can use follow-up questions and extend their conversations past simple ask and answer practice.