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Foods From Around The World Flashcards and Worksheet

Everyone likes to talk about food!  The origins of some popular foods provide an excellent opportunity to present and practice the “A is from B” structure.

Food Flashcards  are now available on the Vocabulary Flashcards page.  They are very useful when teaching likes and dislikes, as well as preferences, and even for restaurant and shopping roleplays.

A worksheet for practicing the ” A is from B ” form is on the Worksheets page.  Students can work through it alone, or use it as a discussion starter for small groups.

School Subjects Flashcards and Weekly Class Schedule Worksheet

School Subject Flashcards are now available from the Vocabulary Flashcards page.  They go well with the Weekly Class Schedule worksheet which can be found on the Worksheets page.

A good way to use them in the classroom is to drill vocabulary using the flashcards, incorporating the phrase “I have ____ class on ____days and ____days”  i.e.  “I have science class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

The worksheet can be used for a group activity wherein students take on the role of teachers and plan out the weekly schedule for their ideal school.   Each group then presents the schedule they have made to the class.

This activity incorporates group work, active learning, and presentation skills, and is fun as well!