A Simple Phonics Worksheet

Phonics quiz worksheet english eigo note esl

Here is a simple phonics worksheet for practicing short vowel sounds and consonants.  Students can work together or separately, and color in the pictures once the words are filled in.  This type of exercise is a good confidence builder for primary school students learning phonics.  Makes a nice change of pace from active games also!




new older animals

I’ve taken some time and cleaned up the images from the Older Animals post.  They should look much nicer when printed out.

bugs, critters, what have you

As we move deeper into full on summer, our many-legged friends become more and more active.  Kids love these critters, and are eager to learn their names in english.  A fun one-off lesson for those long hot summer days…

Phonics Part II

For the the second set of phonics cards, we move into the consonants.

Review part 1 and teach part 2 for a fun lesson for younger learners or a quick review for kids using Eigo Note!