…is from… worksheet

Here’s a little worksheet I put together with the international foods images.  It is designed to reinforce the  ” a is from b ” structure as well as to make students think about where their food comes from.  This worksheet is aimed pretty squarely at Japanese learners and designed to go with the Eigo Note 1 (英語ノート) Unit 6 3-4 section.

Doughnuts may seem to be a quintessential American junky treat, but research tends to indicate they have their origins in Northern Europe.

Bread and sausage, while associated with certain countries, have a history as long and varied as human civilization itself.  Thus I’ve included them as a chance to teach that this -is from- structure can be used in other ways as well.

For those of you not using the Eigo Note or unfamiliar with omrice, Omrice is from Japan.  Really, it is.

Yoshoku: Japanese-Style Western Food

food worksheet 外来語 eigo note english esl efl

Yummy Food Flashcards

Those of you using the Eigo Note 1 may find these cards useful for the international foods and “I want … ” themes in Lesson 6.  These images are admittedly a bit more directed at Japanese learners, but offer opportunities to practice the ” A is/are from B” structure and restaurant roleplays.  Not too tough, but varied enough to provide grist for the grammar mill!  Enjoy!

Harvest Time, Back to School Fruit

Fruit is a great introductory lesson theme, and allows for lots of activity possibilities.  From simply learning vocaulary to more complex shopping or cooking activities, these Fruit flashcards will be a handy addition to your collection.