A Simple Phonics Worksheet

Phonics quiz worksheet english eigo note esl

Here is a simple phonics worksheet for practicing short vowel sounds and consonants.  Students can work together or separately, and color in the pictures once the words are filled in.  This type of exercise is a good confidence builder for primary school students learning phonics.  Makes a nice change of pace from active games also!




Phonics VII Long vowels with e

This will round out our collection of phonics cards for now.  Long vowel sounds with e, but only four this time as I couldn’t think of a good word for e_e.  How do you illustrate “here” or “mere”? Any suggestions for a noun with e_e would be appreciated!


After some more consideration, I’ve added “here” for the e_e sound. Thanks to everyone for the comments and suggestions!

Consonant Compounds +h sounds

Phonics doesn’t end with Phonics V.  Phonics VI brings us to compound consonant sounds, in particular compounds with H.  CH, TH, SH, and PH here for your consideration!

Phonics V

Let’s celebrate the warm weather by closing out our phonics flash card set with Phonics V !!

By the way, if you were wondering what to do for X, well, that’s what the fox is for… x, x, foX!

Phonics Part IV

Back from the Golden Week holidays here in Japan with a fresh batch of phonics flashcards!

Phonics Part III

Here’s a sure cure for the Monday blues…a fresh set of flashcards, Phonics Part 3!


Phonics Part II

For the the second set of phonics cards, we move into the consonants.

Review part 1 and teach part 2 for a fun lesson for younger learners or a quick review for kids using Eigo Note!

Phonics Part 1

The new school year has started in Japan.

Looking for a fun way to ease into the new school year?   Try teaching phonics!

Here are some flashcards to help practice short vowel sounds!